Arsenal vs Liverpool match forecast in the English Premier League

On March 16, 2022, in the 27th round of the English Premier League, Arsenal will take on Liverpool at home. Will the Reds’ winning streak in the APL continue? Will the home team be able to withstand the clear favourite? What are the chances of the Army Men breaking the losing streak in their encounters with Jurgen Klopp’s charges? We will find out the answers to these and other questions at the end of the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at how to register with 1xbet.


Mikel Arteta’s side unfortunately have a very slim chance of winning this match, despite the fact that it will take place at their home stadium. In the APL standings, the team is fairly highly ranked – 48 points – and sits in fifth place. The statistics of their last five AFL games also look optimistic, with four wins, only one draw and no defeats! In particular, the match with Brentford on 19 February ended 2-1 in favour of Arsenal, the match with Wolverhampton on 24 February ended with a similar score in favour of Arsenal, and the match with Watford on 6 March ended 2-3 in favour of Arsenal. In total, the team has played 25 games in the APL, of which they have won 15, lost 7 and finished 3 games tied. Nevertheless, the probability of a win for the Army Men against Liverpool is quite low – too strong an opponent.


The Reds are regarded as the undisputed favourites to win this game by the bookies and supporters. Of the last five games, Liverpool have lost only one: Chelsea-Liverpool (0-0 in regulation time and 10-11 on penalties), Liverpool-Norwich City (2-1), Liverpool-West Ham (1-0), Liverpool-Inter (0-1), Brighton-Liverpool (0-2). If we look at the last five games in the AFL, the Reds have a winning streak without a single defeat. Experts agree that Jurgen Klopp’s charges are in excellent form and intend to fight for the championship in both the Champions League and the APL. They currently sit second in the APL table with 66 points. Thanks to the last match against Brighton, which resulted in two goals, Liverpool could reduce by a few points their gap from the current leader in the APL – Manchester City (69 points). The overall statistics for goals scored and conceded at the end of Liverpool’s 28 games is as follows: 73 vs. 20. In total, out of 28 games in the APL, the Reds have won 20 games, lost only 2 games and another 6 games were played with a tie.

Bookmakers’ prediction and betting odds for Arsenal vs Liverpool

If we turn to statistics and look at the history of the confrontation between Arsenal and Liverpool in the last two years, we can see that the Reds confidently demonstrate superiority over the Army Men. In 2021, the pair played two matches, both were in the APL and in both matches Liverpool defeated Arsenal: on April 3, 2021 with a score (3-0) and on November 20 with a score (4-0). The fairly high number of goals from the Reds and the absence of goals from the Army Men are evidence of the equally well executed strategy of both the Liverpool players’ attack and defence. In 2022, Arsenal have already played against Liverpool twice in the League Cup: the match ended in a draw on January 13 and Liverpool won again on January 20 (2-0).

Liverpool’s successful attacking line up is now realised by the team’s three strongest scorers, these are: Sadio Mane (14 goals scored), Diogo Jota (17 goals scored) and, of course, Mohamed Salah (28 goals scored), who scored the team’s 2000th anniversary goal in the APL during a penalty shoot-out against Brighton. The occasion was another bid for the Reds’ success in the APL. However, star striker Salah’s relationship with the team’s head coach is rather strained, with the extension of Salah’s contract with Liverpool now being decided. It is reported that Mohamed is not ready to continue working with the club on the terms offered to him and believes that his outstanding performance is worthy of higher pay, while the club’s management are sticking to their chosen pay scheme and state that Liverpool have already done everything possible to reach an agreement and cannot offer the Egyptian striker even more loyal terms than those already offered. The choice is left to Mohamed. As his contract expires this season, there is a belief that the striker will try to show his best at the club in the remaining time remaining, seeking to “sell” himself more expensively. In other words, the next game will not only feature Liverpool’s team ambition to move closer to the top of the AFL, but also the personal ambitions of the Reds’ best striker. We’ll see how it ends soon enough.

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