Atalanta-Sassuolo, Serie A, Italy

We bring to your attention the forecast for the match Atalanta – Sassuolo, the opponents will play in the fifth round of Serie A. Will the teams please with their performance this time? Full match statistics and odds can be found on 1xbet v.83(2625).


Atalanta gets heavily involved in the season

Bergamasks look heavy at the start of this season, there is no former ease when the team created chances at the opponent’s goal without any problems. In Serie A, the team was able to score 7 points in four rounds without playing against top clubs. Even the outsider Salernitan in the last round managed to beat with great difficulty at a party – 1: 0. So far, Gasperini’s guys are seventh in the championship, although they may still lose their position, since not all rivals have played in the fourth round. Everyone is waiting for the team’s signature football, it may take some more time to get in shape. As before, in the infirmary of the club Muriel and Hatebourg.

Sassuolo cannot win for a long time

The Green-Blacks started the championship with a victory, and then a losing streak followed, which lasts three fights, during which time they managed to score only a point. In the last round, Sassuolo lost to Torino at home with a score of 0: 1, the opponents really looked better, however, the only goal was scored in the 85th minute. With 4 points in the asset, the club occupies a place in the middle of the standings. May miss this meeting due to damage to Aubiang and Romagna.

Personal meetings

Bergamasks dominate in head-to-head matches, Sassuolo cannot beat an opponent in 15 matches in a row. Let’s pay attention to the fact that teams often play effectively with each other. Atalanta won 5-1 at home last season and 1-1 away.

Match prediction

Both clubs are not yet in their optimal condition, therefore, they did not give the brightest start. The opponents should not change their style and will certainly show attacking football on a collision course. We will take a cautious bet on the exchange of goals scored; alternatively, we can consider a clear victory for the home team.

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