Atalanta’s prediction against Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A match

Forecast and bet on Atalanta v Inter, stats, odds. Atalanta have been unable to beat Inter for six games now, but whether the streak will continue on January 16 is in the forecast. How will the match play out?


“Atalanta” did not start the season in the best way, losing a lot of points in the opening rounds. However, the local setbacks did not turn into a serious crisis – Gianpiero Gasperini was able to distribute his forces intelligently in two tournaments and made the team to add more. The Bergamas are currently fourth in the table with 41 points, eight points behind leaders Inter.

Theoretically, Atalanta could still contend for the title, but the primary objective is to break away from the bottom chasers, chief among them Juventus. The Old Lady are currently three points behind, but have played one more match. The Goddess qualified for the Italian Cup quarter-finals last week with a 2-0 home win over Venice.


Inter, like their current opponents, have dropped vital points at the start of the season, allowing their arch rivals Napoli and AC Milan to pull away from the table. However, Simone Inzaghi’s side managed to close the gap pretty quickly, taking the lead before the end of the first leg.

However, Inter have no serious advantage over their rivals so far – second-placed AC Milan are just one point behind, having played one more match, while third-placed Napoli have five points less. Inter secured their first trophy of the season midweek as they drew 1-1 with Juventus in the Italian Super Cup, but Alexis Sanchez’s goal in extra time helped them to a 2-1 home win.


Atalanta have made mistakes from time to time, but on the whole remain a title contender for now and will have a chance to close the gap from the leader today. The Goddess are currently hardly the only Serie A side capable of causing problems to the upstart Inter; the hosts will clearly play number one and try to take all three points – in our opinion, it makes sense to take a chance and give them our preference.

We think the home side have a better chance of winning. Our prediction is an Asian handicap (0) on Atalanta. 1xbet v.83 offers such an outcome at odds of 2.35

“Atalanta always play at home only to win and today is unlikely to make an exception – only such an outcome will allow the “goddess” to remain in the race for the title, which Gasperini is unlikely to give up yet. The home side can easily take three points, Inter are vulnerable defensively and the Bergamo style is very uncomfortable for the champion, but a big win is unlikely, Atalanta themselves concede regularly.

Our second bet would be a one-goal win for Atalanta. Such a bet can be placed for 5.00

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