Botafogo — Sao Paulo forecast in Brazil’s Serie A match

South America is on the other side of the world and it is the start of winter – in tropical latitudes, in Brazil, it is the perfect time for football. In the next round of the local Serie A, Botafogo and Sao Paulo will play here on Thursday. Both clubs are off to a poor start to the tournament – who can do better now? The audience of our website has a forecast for this match on June 16, 2022. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet promo code.

Botafogo spent last season in the country’s 2nd division

The Lone Star are formally regarded as one of Brazil’s historical grandees. But there is little to be proud of in terms of actual trophies: a couple of league titles, some semi-official international tournaments. That said, last season the grande spent the 2nd time in the last 7 years in Serie B – although, as in 2015, they returned straight away. It is now being coached by Luis Castro, and the basic task of the former Shakhtar Donetsk coach is obvious: you need to establish yourself in the Brasileirao. There was a good start, with defeats from the 2nd to the 7th round. But from the end of May, the newcomer to the division started to lose to everyone in a row. The 0-1 loss to Avaya was their fourth straight.

São Paulo hope to be reminded of its former glory

Tricolor are undoubtedly one of the strongest and most famous clubs in the country. But they have not been doing so well of late, only managing to finish 13th in 2021. To make matters worse, they brought back local legend, goalkeeper-bombardier Rogério Seni. Having given up active performances, he had already tried himself in such a role. It didn’t particularly work out, but the successors were even worse. The new attempt does not yet amount to any kind of breakthrough either. In the Copa Sudamericana, the Brazilians scored 16 points and won the group. But in Brasileirao they are let down by their ‘love’ for draws, losing to Sao Paulo rarely. However, in the previous round they managed to beat America Mineiro to move up to 3rd place. Especially noteworthy is Calieri, who scores a lot. But the Argentine was bought by Manchester City back in the winter and will soon leave for England.

Previous Matches

São Paulo had a nice streak of 7 matches without defeat. But at the beginning of last calendar year, Botafogo got a minimal win at home.

Match prediction

Experts tend to give the advantage in this pairing to the guests. To be on the safe side, we’ll use a “zero” handicap (odds are 1.77).

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