Burgos — Amorebieta game forecast for La Liga 2

Spain will return from their Christmas break still on the last day of the calendar year. Primera will play a game between Valencia and Espanyol on Friday. But the Segunda schedule will be much busier. This will include a duel between Burgos and Amorebieta. The newcomers to the division have played out the first part of the season in different ways – how will they fare in the face-off? The journalists of this website have written a free prediction for this match on December 31, 2021. Full match statistics and all odds can be found at 1xbet app review.

Burgos have secured a place at the top of the Segunda standings

The White and Blacks have returned to Spain’s No. 2 division after a pause of two decades. In that interval, they even had to spend a couple of years in Division 4. And they only managed to climb out of Segunda B following last season’s results. The newcomer is looking good for its level. They managed to win 8 of their 21 matches and collect 28 points. There was a very strong performance from Burgos, with 4 wins in 5 games. But the turnovers were lost in December. First there was a cup exit after a 0-2 draw with Zaragoza. Then, three days later, the Whites and Blacks lost 1-3 to Girona.

Amorebieta make their Segunda debut

The Blues were founded back in 1925. And only now, following last season’s results, have they finally managed to jump into the Segunda. The previous 10 years were invariably spent in Segunda B, and now, finally, they managed to show a good result in their group, and in the play-offs to achieve a sensible result. Except that, unlike Burgos, it seems that Amorebiéta just can’t keep up with their new-found level of football. They have 21 fixtures behind them, and only 3 of them have been won, scoring only 19 points. On the other hand, there is a feeling that the Blues are gradually getting used to the new level. They have not lost in four games. They even managed to beat Malaga, also away (2-1), while they had draws against Zaragoza, Las Palmas and Ponferradina. Curiously, all 3 matches resulted in 1-1.

Previous games

Amorebieta are playing worse and worse against Burgos. While initially there were 3 wins, the next two draws have already been recorded. On 11 September, already at Segunda level, it was 2-2 in Biscayne, with a penalty for the visitors and a decisive autonomous goal by Aitor Cordoba in the 89th minute.

Match prediction

Amorebieta clearly intend to fight in earnest, to the last. We recommend betting on her not losing (odds – 1.66).

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