Chelsea — Brighton match forecast in the English Premier League

The days before New Year’s Eve are mostly spent relaxing in Europe. But not in England, at least the footballers. They are not playing as busy as they are used to right now – the coronavirus interferes with the “winter madness”. Still, the clubs do play, including on Wednesday. Chelsea and Brighton will play at Stamford Bridge. Can Tuchel’s Aristocrats cope with the visitors? The site experts have put together their prediction for this match on December 29, 2021. Full match statistics and all odds can be found at promo code for 1xbet.

Chelsea are pushing for maximum goals this season, but are they ready to fight for them?

The Aristocrats managed to sum up last season by winning the Champions League. Although they were clearly not favourites, neither in the tournament as a whole, nor in the final. Of course, after a full pre-season with him, all that was expected of Tuchel was more trophies. All the more so since a record transfer was completed with the signing of Lukaku at Thomas’ beck and call. But so far, neither has Romelu lived up to half of expectations and the team have often lost points. The slump in December was attributed to an outbreak of coronavirus. However, they coped with Brentford in the League Cup quarter-finals. And then they secured a win against Aston Villa.

Brighton still couldn’t take it to the next level

The Seagulls are a team that could be described as mid-table in the APL. It has held steady among the midfielders after their rise to the elite division. That said, everyone expects Graham Potter’s work to translate into his team not just creating chances, but converting them into quality goals. The start has indeed been very classy, and it seemed that the current version of the team would fight for at least 7th place and a place in the European competitions. After a flare up at the start, however, the results deteriorated sharply and the club started to gradually slide down the standings. Moreover, on several occasions, only Neil Mope’s late goals saved them from relegation. So far, the most recent victory is dated 22nd September (2-0 against Swansea) in the League Cup. 12 games in a row with no new successes! And only Brentford were beaten on 26th December – the long-awaited 2-0.

Previous games

Both last season and the season before, Brighton managed to take points away from the grand form. “The Seagulls have drawn in both championships. They even held on to zeros at the same stadium in April.

Match prediction

Chelsea are banally used to playing games on such a schedule, and have a wider roster. We bet on the Aristocrats’ victory with a -1 goal handicap (odds – 1.8).

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