Chelsea: Roman Abramovich says he plans to sell the club

One of Russia’s richest oligarchs, Roman Abramovich, regarded as a sponsor of Putin’s regime, has put not only his Chelsea club but also the luxury property he owns in London up for extremely urgent sale. Full statistics and all current odds for all sporting events can be found at download 1xbet app nigeria.

This was reported by British MP Chris Bryant, who was quoted by the Times.

Bryant says Abramovich is “terrified of sanctions”. The MP is making a public appeal to the British government to act as quickly as possible to impose sanctions even before the sale of assets and prevent Abramovich’s money from being introduced. “He plans to sell his London home as early as tomorrow, as well as his flat,” the MP from the opposition Labour party claims.

The oil tycoon and one of the oligarchs close to Putin, Abramovich, whose fortune was estimated at $14.5 billion in 2021, is a citizen of Russia, Portugal and Israel and a resident of London. Formally he is the richest ‘Portuguese’ in the world and one of the ten richest Londoners

So far Abramovich has not fallen under the wave of sanctions from either the EU (probably because of his European citizenship) or Britain, but that could change.

Abramovich is known for his penchant for ostentatious wealth. For example. Abramovich lives in a 15-bedroom villa in London, which is valued at $200m.

He also owns a luxury three-story penthouse in the Chelsea Waterfront complex, valued at $30 million. At what discount and to whom this property will be sold, is unknown.

As UP found out, his private jet, on which the oligarch travels, is one of the largest airliners in the world, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Abramovich, through a company he controls, also owns the Chelsea football club, which is now also up for sale. According to The Telegraph, there are already at least three people interested in buying the club.

As reported, two Russian oligarchs have disowned their friendship with Putin and are appealing against EU sanctions

Meanwhile, France has announced that it will confiscate the real estate, yachts and cars of Russian oligarchs.

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