Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur EFL Cup match Forecast


I don’t think even the most fervent Chelsea fans like the way their beloved club looks in defence these days. The club, unlike at the beginning of the season, has ceased to show super-reliable play in defence. Aristocrats coach Thomas Tuchel has experimented with his style and formation in various games and tournaments, with the result that his players no longer understand each other + the previously strong tactical links have been disrupted. And all of this has resulted in a breach of discipline in the back-to-back encounters with: Liverpool 2-2, Brighton 1-1, Everton 1-1, Aston Villa 3-1, West Ham 2-3, Leeds 3-2 etc. But, as we can see, there can be no complaints about today’s Chelsea attack.

Tottenham Hotspur

As for Tottenham, they have predictably risen with the arrival of the experienced Antonio Conte and slowly started to creep up to the top of the standings in the APL. Already taking away important points on their way, not only from the common names, but also from the giants (a recent spectacular battle draw with Liverpool 2-2). We would also like to add that, under the guidance of the demanding Italian Antoshka, Hotspurs have not left the field without a goal in as many as 7 games in a row!


Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet promo code. It’s a crucial London derby + a crucial League Cup semi-final, so we can expect to see some decent line-ups from both sides. Who will be expected to add some much needed fire to their attacking ranks with their starting line-up. That should result in a lively football performance from both sides and good odds to win the “both to score” bet. )

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