Colombia — Chile 2022 World Cup qualifiers forecast


Los Cafeteros has been the top team in South America for the past 20 years. Not Argentina or Brazil, but even these giants can get in trouble. At the Copa America, the Brazilians lost the least in the group. And in the semifinals, the main time with Argentina ended with a score of 1-1. This means that Reinaldo Rueda’s charges do not fall below their level. Unfortunately, things are not going well in qualifying for the tournament in Qatar. Four draws in the passive and three of them in the last rounds. The minus is 1-1 with Bolivia, but the plus is 2-2 with Argentina.


The Chileans are a strong global team. If we went to the World Championship, then the group stage did not become an obstacle. The last tournament in Russia, La Roja was missed and in general, things are not going well. At the recent Copa America, Martin Lasarte’s players won only the weak Bolivians. There were draws against Argentina and Uruguay – this is a plus. But the peculiarity of the Chile national team is the weak play in attack and strong defense. Over the past 10 matches, we have conceded and scored more than one goal at a time.

Injuries and disqualifications

Colombia is not.

Chile – Junior Sornoza.

Forecast and bet on the match

Colombia is the kind of team that is able to take points from the giants in the face of Argentina and Brazil. But they can also give away to one of the worst national teams on the continent – Bolivia. Chileans have been failing for the last 2 seasons. But at the same time they can pull out almost any match at the expense of defense. Plus, the hosts haven’t won in face-to-face fights for a long time. Bet – 2X on 1xbet app.

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