Colombia vs Peru match forecast

In the football world, the main theme of midweek has been the renewed fight to qualify for the World Cup. The next round will take place in South America, according to our time, in the next 2 nights. Colombia and Peru will be among the last to play. So far they are evenly matched on points and sit 4th and 5th. Who will be able to pull away from the competition? The website experts have posted their free predictions for the match that will start exactly at midnight on January 29, 2022. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at download 1xbet app nigeria.

Colombia have been without wins for a very long time

The “coffee people” have lost only once all autumn and that to the leader of the current qualification Brazil (0-1 away). Before that, Reynaldo Rueda’s side also finished third at the Copa America, beating Peru in a hilarious shoot-out in the consolation final. That was followed by an important win over Chile. But that 3-1 was back in September. After that, for 5 games in a row, Luis Diaz and company (and that includes Jamez, Muriel, Zapata!) cannot score: the aforementioned 0-1 with the “pentacampeons” and four times 0-0 each. Even Paraguay, playing out the minority, have not been beaten. Only Honduras were beaten 2-1 a couple of days ago with an experimental line-up. Now, for various reasons, the squad is not optimal. Zapata and Muriel will be out, as well as Lerma and Quintero.

Peru will try to make this a success, as they did in the last qualifying

The Incas were able to play in the 2018 World Cup for the first time after a long break. They didn’t win, but they left a very decent impression in Russia. It seemed at the time to be something of a swan song for that team’s generation of leaders, but Guerrero and Farfan, who are 75 for two, are still in the ranks. Now, though, Paolo will be gone – as will several other important players on the main squad. They left at the most inopportune moment, as the team slowly gained momentum. And at the Copa America, Ricardo Gareca’s charges were only knocked out by Brazil in the semi-finals, then in the qualifiers, winning both November matches, were level on points with Colombia. There’s a chance to claw their way into the top 4 – and that’s a straight ticket!

Previous Matches

Last June, Colombia defeated Peru 3-0 away in a World Cup qualifier. Then, at the Copa America, the teams traded victories: Peru won the group game 2-1, while Colombia (3-2 with the deciding goal in the 94th minute) won the third place game.

Match prediction

The game should turn out to be quite stubborn: a draw will mainly benefit the rivals. Bet on “more than 2.0 goals” (odds are 1.76).

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