Corinthians — Bahia, Brazil Serie A match forecast


In case of victory, the local players may well climb into the top 4 of Serie A. Last weekend, “Corinthians” miraculously escaped defeat in Bragança Paulista, responding with 2 goals in the time already added by the referee. It should be noted that against “Bragantino” Silvigno’s wards had a noticeable territorial advantage. Jo’s absence still affects the hosts’ offensive capabilities. With Guedenes as their primary target, Corinthians create little in a positional attack. However, the hosts are obliged to beat such an opponent as “Bahia”.


The visiting team is trying with all its might to get out of the relegation zone, but so far it has not turned out very well. It seems that “Bahia” showed something in the matches against “Fortaleza” and the same “Bragantino”, but they do not have something consistently. They scored 5 points in a month, and now until the new year they will be interrupted by rare draws. In the first round, “Bahia” defended their cherished zeros on the scoreboard at home, but then “Corinthians” was an order of magnitude weaker. Moreover, the visiting team has not entered the field since September 26th, when it came to the “Internationale”. I’m not sure after such a long break, “Bahia” will show anything at all.

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Look for more predictions on 1xbet official website. Corinthians have not lost since the beginning of August, having already climbed into the zone of the Libertadores Cup. “Bahia” is floundering at the very bottom of the standings, and now will enter the field for the first time in 3 weeks. It is unlikely that this could have a positive effect on the playing condition of the visiting team.

As for me, there should be a confident victory for the local team. “Corinthians” is on a good move, steadily taking points from weighty opponents. In addition, the visiting team has not celebrated a success in the capital of Brazil since 2008. I am even surprised at such a high price of victory for Corinthians. We must take.

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