Corinthians — Santos forecast in the Brazil Cup match


Victories for the home team are notoriously difficult to come by. At the weekend, Corinthians somehow managed to beat Goias at home thanks to a single goal from the penalty spot. Pereira’s side did look more potent, but it was an unpleasant experience. Corinthians did not have the necessary interaction in their attacking line-up to put them among the real contenders for the championship medals or the national cup.


The visitors from Santos are extremely reluctant to lose this season. They’d like to win a little more often, but that’s another story. The Bastos players are essentially fighting for nothing, and even in the race for a place in the top 6 they look like the underdogs. In pre-season, Santos beat the capital club, but in official matches they are just as lacklustre. My point is that only their lack of spirit will help the visitors get off to a good start.

Statistics of personal meetings

In official meetings, the last time Santos beat Corinthians in the capital was 7 years ago. By the way, back then it was also in the Brazilian Cup.

In their last three outings, Bastos’ side have scored five points. For their part, the capital’s side have not yet lost at home this season. Moreover, Corinthians have not conceded more than 180 minutes of playing time.

Prediction and bet on Corinthians Paulista vs Santos. Outcome cf. 3,14

The teams rarely exchange goals between them. I do not think that the opponents will put their best foot forward in the national cup. “Corinthians seem to be in contention for the league title and should focus more on the main championship.

1xbet promo code free bet are also counting on a “low” scenario for the upcoming match, legitimately dropping quotes on the most obvious outcomes. Looking at how hard Corinthians are at football, the visiting team is well placed to snag a draw in the capital.

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