Costa Rica – Canada, forecast

Forecast Costa Rica – Canada on July 26, who will win in the match ¼ of the CONCACAF Gold Cup final.

Costa Rica took first place in Group C, beating Jamaica 1-0 in the third round. The Costa Ricans hit the rival’s goal once and scored a goal in the 52nd minute. Jamaica beat on goal all 90 minutes, and in the last 15 minutes had one more player, but did not score.

The USA won Group B, beating Canada in the third round. And here the winner looked more modest in terms of statistics, but this comes from the logic of the match, in which the Americans scored the winning goal already in the first minute.

In the last two head-to-head matches of these teams, which were played at CONCACAF in 15 and 17 years between Costa Rica and Canada, there was a draw 0: 0 and 1: 1. In 2013, Costa Rica won 1-0 in the freight train.

Prediction for the match Costa Rica – Canada

For some reason, Buki put Costa Rica as the favorite for this match. However, if you look at the game that the teams showed in groups, the Canadians looked better, played more aggressively. Before losing to the United States, Canada had 9 straight wins.

Costa Rica can be recognized as probably the biggest sensation of the playoffs. The team that has not won 11 matches in a row before CONCACAF has won all 3 matches in its group. And you can’t say that Costa Rica has shown something like that. Well, that’s how it happened. Therefore, here you can take not losing Canada in regular time. Normally, the Canadians should slap Costa Rica by about 1-0.

Bet on the match Costa Rica – Canada

Of the bunch of rates TM2.5 + OZ-no + X2, the highest coefficient is on OZ-no – 1.79, on TM – 1.61, on X2 – 1.50. As an optimal bet, you can play W2 (0) for a very good 2.02.

If we talk about a real bet with a high odds, then here you can bet on a dry win for Canada at 4.25, which is very possible.

Match prediction:

  1. TM 2.5 – 1.61
  2. OZ-no – 1.79
  3. X2    – 1.50

Betting options:

  1. Optimal: P2 (0)          – 2.02
  2. Profitable: P2 (dry) – 4.25

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