Costa Rica vs. Mexico in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

Costa Rica

If not for the miracles performed by Keylor Navas in Panama, it is unlikely that the Costa Ricans would have taken away even a point from there. The hosts completely besieged the opponent’s penalty area. but the poor realization of chances and the good goalkeeper play of the PSG goalkeeper left them without 3 points, but with only one. Costa Rica showed a very weak game, the team needs a generational change, as even the last Gold Cup showed, so they are rightly assessed by the underdogs here.


The Mexicans started their selection for the World Cup in Qatar successfully. Martino’s wards were able to put the squeeze on Jamaica with a goal from Vega in the 90th minute 2-1. “Aztecs” also had the advantage of the entire match, but were able to confirm it at the very end. Obviously, in terms of composition and play, the guests are superior to the rival, it remains to be realized on the field. At home, the Costa Ricans will not be as dull as in Panama, they will not sit at their gates, which opens up free zones for such fast players as Lozano, Corona and Vega.


More predictions for 1xbet. In March, the Mexicans were already pushing their rival in Costa Rica 1-0 in the League of Nations. The layouts have not changed since then. I didn’t like the hosts of the upcoming fight in Panama. I had to see the terribly slow speeds from the age team. It is high time for Costa Ricans to engage in a generational change, which has retained its core since 2014. Every year they are getting worse, while the Mexicans in the classroom and due to their performing skills and more intense playing should quite themselves pull out and gnaw out a victory here.

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