Croatia vs Austria match forecast at the UEFA Nations League

Forecast for the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League first-round Group B match between Croatia and Austria. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at how to use 1xbet bonus.


Ranked silver medallists at the last World Cup 2018, the Croats have also directly qualified for the upcoming Mundial, to be held in Qatar, without too much trouble. At the moment, the Croats already have a very old team, and objectively, their peak is already passing, but the main advantage of this team is experience. Modric, Rakitic, Perisic – these are experienced players of high level, with character, who can come up at the right moment and help their national team. But the Croats do not have a problem with the younger generation (Guardiola, Vlasic), although at the 2022 World Cup, the Croats will play their proven “old guard.

The Croatian national team has not suffered a defeat in 10 matches already, the last one being at the hands of Spain in the Euro 2020 1/8 finals in extra time. It is worth noting that back then, the Croats were up by two goals but managed to take the match to extra time.


Unlike the Croatians, we will not be seeing Austria at the 2022 World Cup, as the Austrians crashed out of the tie against Wales, and their coach Franco Fonda was sacked. The team is now led by Ralf Rangnick, who has produced the worst statistics at Manchester United in six months.

It is difficult to say exactly what to expect now from the Austrian team (which has not particularly shone before) with a new and so controversial coach. Surely, they will need time to rebuild the team and find some new form. But so far, it’s the Austrians who look like the main outsiders and contenders for the last spot in the group along with France, Denmark, and Croatia.

Only time will tell if Rangnick will succeed in the Croatian team, but for now they start their new season in the League of Nations with a match against an experienced Croatian team.

Statistics of personal meetings

The national team of Croatia and the national team of Austria have played 5 matches between them, 4 of which were friendly and 1 official, which took place during Euro 2008. The teams met in the group then, and thanks to a goal from a penalty by Luka Modric, ended in a minimal victory for Croatia.

The last (friendly) match in 2010 ended with the same score of 1-0 in favour of the Croats.

Prediction and betting for Croatia vs Austria. Outcome with cf. 2,11

Considering that Austria will start in the Nations League with a new coach who has yet to build a new team, and the Croats are a more focused, balanced and experienced team, plus the factor of home field and their fans, I will give preference in this game to the hosts.

Austria, though knows how to play pragmatically, and if it is necessary to “dry” the game, but the Croatian team is still of higher class, and again a great experience, about which I wrote above. That will be decisive in Croatia’s victory over Austria on June 3.

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