Cuiaba’s prediction against Ceara in Brazil’s Serie A match

In Brazil, the national championship is now in full swing. The 13th round of Serie A will be played here at the weekend. This will include a meeting between Cuiabá and Ceará. Both teams, albeit for different reasons, need a win – who can get it? The authors of this website have created a prediction for this curious match-up on June 19, 2022. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet.

Cuiaba are just the 2nd goalscorer in the elite division

The Golden Eagles are 1 of the youngest football projects in Brazil. They were founded in 2001. In that time, the club has managed to become a leading force at the state level, Mato Grosso, springing to the title for the 11th time at that, regional, level. In 2019, it managed to make its Serie B debut and, at the 2nd attempt, take 1 more promotion, with the right to play in the elite division. The newcomer has performed well from the start, finishing in 15th place. But now it’s a pretty classic “second season” which is turning out to be much more difficult. There was also a lot of energy spent on the Copa Sudamericana, with only 3rd place taken in the group there. In the championship, the results so far have been frankly mediocre. Having lost to their direct rival, Flamengo, the team dropped to 18th place in the relegation zone. But so far, everyone is very tight in the table.

Ceara retain their status as Serie A’s middle runners

“Grandpa” have played mostly in the country’s 2nd division in recent decades. But in 2021, and now, they have managed to play in the Copa Sudamericana. Moreover, the Brazilians this time have been as confident as possible in the group round, taking all 6 victories in their matches – of course, they took 1st place in their quartet. In the championship, meanwhile, having won the opening round, Ceara then lost three times in a row. And then there was a pretty long unbeaten streak that allowed them to improve. Except that Marquinhos Santos’s side have been abusing the draws too much. They were 0-0 up against Atletico Mineiro. They extended their streak, but their place in the table is not particularly pleasing.

Previous matches

Before last season, there was only 1 encounter between the clubs, in the 2011 Cup, with a 2-0 away win for Ceara. Last season, the gaffer took 4 points in 2 Serie A matches against Cuiaba.

Match prediction

Cuiaba are not in top form at the moment and the visitors should take advantage of that. But, given the low number of Ceará wins, let’s back up with a ‘zero’ handicap (odds – 1.96).

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