Cyprus vs Russia at the World Cup qualification

The Russians play with Cyprus, which lost to Malta devastatingly. There are chances to come out on top.
On September 4, the match of the fifth round of qualification for the 2022 World Cup Cyprus – Russia will take place. The game starts at 19:00 Moscow time. How to use 1xbet bonus have already given a forecast, they consider the guests to be the favorites: you can bet on the Russians in bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.46. The success of the Cypriots is estimated by experts at 9.60. Draw bets are accepted for 4.70.

Bookmaker odds for the 2022 World Cup qualification match Cyprus – Russia September 4, 2021

1xbet are not sure that the Cyprus – Russia match will be effective: total over 2.5 goals goes for 2.04, and total under 2.5 goals – for 1.95. If the home team scores, the odds will be 2.00. The guests’ goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.12. You can bet on “both will score” for 2.28.

Analysis and prediction of the match Cyprus – Russia (04.09.2021)

The summer of 2021 flew by unnoticed, although there were enough interesting things. One European Championship is worth something! Due to the coronavirus, it is now almost impossible to find time for rest on the calendar. Club football takes a break while international teams thunder in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. In Europe, the participants meet the fifth round.

The program is packed in two days, 13 meetings are planned for September 4 at once. The increased attention of domestic fans is focused on the work of Valery Karpin as head coach of the Russian national team. The Russians in the fifth round will play on the road with the Cyprus national team. The starting whistle will sound at 19:00 Moscow time.

The former coach of Rostov kept his promise. The team under his leadership really tried to show combination football, to act boldly. Separately, it is worth noting the active pressure that the players used in the first half of the match with the Croatian national team. Then the opponent adapted and the effectiveness of the pressure dropped.

Although the Russians had sharp attacks after the break, when Karpin released Anton Zabolotny on the field to push the game away from his goal. Several dangerous counterattacks could well have ended in a goal, yet Dominik Livakovic, the Croatian goalkeeper, looked uncertain in places. However, the meeting ended with zeros on the scoreboard. Perhaps fair. Nobody played enough to win.

It is clear that there was very little time for preparation. The coaching staff needed as soon as possible, and taking into account the postponement of the last round of the Russian championship, to prepare the updated team for a very important meeting with the strongest opponent from Group H. It is clear that the game itself is far from ideal, you need to add.

But in general, Karpin’s debut was quite a success. The tournament situation is undoubtedly tense, ideally you need to finish in first place in order to go directly to Qatar. And after the fourth round, “our guys” are second, ahead of Slovakia by one point. Croats are in the lead, but only because of additional indicators.

There are six more rounds ahead, including an away match with Croatia. The balance of power can change several times. The same Croatian national team does not look so menacing, but in the fifth round it has a full-time game with the Slovaks, which may surprise. Russia will complete the September international training camp with two meetings with the group’s outsiders.

Cyprus, for example, started the qualification briskly. He kept a draw with Slovakia (0: 0) and managed to beat Slovenia (1: 0). But in the fourth round it did not work out at all – the Cypriots lost to Malta with a crushing 0: 3. Yes, they conceded all three goals in the minority after being sent off in the 40th minute, but they looked objectively weak against the background of a more modest team.

Under Stanislav Cherchesov, playing with the same Maltese for the Russians was sometimes even scary. Of course, Russia eventually won with a score of 3: 1, but I must say that until the 89th minute the advantage remained minimal. And the Maltese footballers carried out quite dangerous attacks. Now there is some confidence.

Great hopes are pinned on Valery Karpin’s charges, and, in our opinion, they will come true in the upcoming fight. The victory of Russia with a handicap (-1) for a coefficient of 1.74 looks interesting. The renewed attack of the Russians is quite capable of scoring two or three goals, and the defense in the match with Croatia also played well. Goals are difficult for the Cypriots, and Guilherme seems to be in order.

Forecast and bets on the match Cyprus – Russia September 4, 2021

Karpin kept his promise. It did not work to deprive the Croats of the leadership in the group, but the updated Russian team looked cheerful. Now a draw will not suit you, you need to take three points. However, the Cyprus national team, which the other day lost to Malta with a score of 0: 3, the Russians are quite capable of beating. Most likely with a margin.

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