Dynamo Kyiv — Barcelona Champions League forecast

Dynamo Kiev

Kiev still has no goals scored in this Champions League. Will the Ukrainian team score in the upcoming match? well, it will be frankly difficult for them to do this. In general, the people of Kiev this season observe quite clearly the ceiling of their capabilities. Yes, they are still at the top of the Ukrainian championship table, but they do it solely because of the stable set of points with second-rate teams. After all, in a duel against serious opponents, they turn out poorly, and the team cannot score a big team against Lucescu’s charges. We have already met with Donetsk Shakhtar twice a season, skated 0: 0 and lost 0: 3. In the European Cup arena so far without goals scored, Bayern 0: 5 flew in, 0: 1 lost to Barcelona, ​​and 0: 0 with Benfica. The tendency is becoming more than obvious, well, in general, the Kievites are complete zeros in the attack against serious rivals.


Barcelona continues to bury itself with its simply disgusting performance this season. Finally, the worthless head coach in the person of Ronald Kuman was fired, but this situation has not changed much … The first match without a Dutch mentor, the Catalans played just as badly, and skated at home with Alavesam 1: 1. As for the prospects of the Catalan team in the “Champions League”, the prospects are quite normal, the Kievites win in the reporting round, and with a probability of 99% they come into second place in the group. Barcelona has a terrible attack this season, which scores every goal with great difficulty. Actually, in 3 rounds of the “Champions League” they scored only 1 goal, with difficulty and with the help of a free kick they shoved the ball into the gates of the Kievites at the howling stadium. In general, the duel with the participation of Barcelona this season is far from the most productive.


Full statistics and odds for the match can be found at 1xbet login. As for the outcome of this match, I would not go into this moment at all, since the game really bites three results … Well, as for the total, then there will be more clarity. Kievans do not score against their big rivals this season at all. The Spanish team is experiencing big problems with the attacking game, and every goal scored is given to them with great difficulty. This is the actual TM here and looks like a completely passable option for a bet. As in the first face-to-face match of these teams, here everything can be decided by one precise blow. Well, I take a bet here: TU (3.5), such a total here should obviously pass calmly.

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