Egypt vs Morocco match forecast at the Africa Cup of Matches

Here’s our prediction for Egypt v Morocco as they face each other in the Africa Cup quarter-finals. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet V.88.

Expect more from the Egyptians

The Egyptian team is associated with Mo Salah, but it’s hard for one player to pull a team where the partners are the reckless middlers. So far, the team has been saved by their solid defensive play, with no further conceded goals after their opening defeat to Nigeria, 0-1. In the 1/8 finals, the team only managed to beat Côte d’Ivoire on penalties. The Pharaohs’ play has been unimpressive, so the Egyptians do not look likely to win the tournament. Egypt have won the Africa Cup seven times, although their last victory was back in 2010.

Moroccans look solid

Morocco are one of the few teams in this tournament to display some solid football. The team confidently won their group, picking up 7 points in their three encounters. In the 1/8 finals, they beat Malawi 2-1. The squad is solid, with such players you can fight to win the tournament. The Moroccans have only won the continental cup once in history.

Personal meetings

The rivals have a rich history of face-to-face encounters, although the last time the teams played each other back in 2017, then in the playoffs of the African Championship of Nations Morocco went further – 1:1 away and 3:1 at home.

Match prediction

If we set aside the line-ups and names of the national teams and analyze only the game, then the advantage should be on the side of the Moroccans. This will be a tough game, where the rivals will clearly be wary of each other. We suggest betting on Morocco to win with a zero handicap.

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