El Salvador — Honduras match forecast


El Salvador started qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar with a home match against the United States. American Perez’s team showed character and took away points from the Stars and Stripes, scoring a goalless draw with Berhalter’s charges. El Salvador is quite an interesting team that is filled with MLS players for the most part. With Honduras, like the United States, the hosts will surely act on counterattacks, where they are very dangerous. El Salvador has a very balanced national team that defenders well and in that they are superior to the guests.


Uruguayan Coito’s players beat Canada 1-1 in Toronto. Honduras played better in the first half, scored from the penalty spot, but then barely lost his feet and scored points at the end of the meeting. The guests sat down physically and the hosts first equalized the score from the penalty spot, and then completely pressed the opponent to their goal, not giving them the ball at all. In El Salvador, however, they will face a lot of tough struggle and they will not get such space for counterattacks as in Canada.


Full match statistics can be found at how to register with 1xbet. I’m looking forward to a very viscous and not too riding duel here. Both teams are fairly equal in bookmaker rates. The hosts go with X because of their field, well-organized defense and more balance in the game, which should not be expected from the spontaneous Honduras. If they stopped a much more rated opponent, then Honduras is even more capable of stopping them. The guests are less trained in sticky football and may well get stuck in the opponent’s formations.

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