England — Hungary match forecast for World Cup qualification


Maybe someone from you will remember, dear football fans, how the British, after losing on penalties in the final of the last EURO, did not roll around the field with tear-stained eyes, but immediately stood with the whole team in a circle in the middle of the field. Thanks to each other for the game and clearly urging not to get upset, because football life goes on! .. And this kind of solidarity once again makes the patriarchs of the kickball one of the most promising teams of the Old World. Which now brings a real attacking horror to absolutely all opponents in its qualifying group for the future World Cup in Qatar. On the example of numerous goals scored in previous duels with: the main rival Poland 2: 1, Andorra 4: 0, 5: 0, San Marino 5: 0, etc. that the threat to someone else’s goal can come from each of them, from the attackers to almost the goalkeeper. Develop a dangerous attack of your team with a freely able accurate pass!


As for Hungary, it apparently burned out after a good personal performance at the summer European Championship. Where the Magyars brought a lot of worries to their daring and biting football giants in the form of: Germany, France and Portugal. Just what is a real fighter with the Germans 2: 2, in which the Hungarians have revealed their attacking potential to the fullest! Well, in the current selection at the World Cup, the Hungarian national team has already managed to be remembered for the colorful performance in the clash with Poland 3: 3 on the positive side. And completely unnecessary conceded goals in clashes with modest Andorra 4: 1, 2: 1 – already from a negative angle. As we can see, the problematic Magyar defense allows itself the dubious luxury of mowing down even in games with the “dwarfs”. And this is a real Achilles’ heel in the repertoire of today’s Hungary, preventing it from fully fighting for the World Cup.


Full statistics and odds for the match can be found at 1xbet review. England and Hungary recently crossed each other in Budepest under the banner of an ongoing casting. And then the British did not leave a stone unturned from the protection of the owners, bombing it with a result of 4: 0. I believe that this time too we will witness increased performance, and this task is only simplified by the desire of the Hungarians to play here exclusively for victory. After all, only a win gives the Hungarians chances to continue the struggle for a ticket to Qatar. Feel free to take here TB 2.5 for a good coefficient!

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