Forecast and bet on the match Japan – South Africa (22 July 2021)

In general, I must say right away that the Japanese team is very, very stable. The team regularly takes part in the Olympic Games, and here, being the hostess, she did not even have to qualify. The team has big plans for this tournament. The composition of the Japanese team is now very, very strong. In the camp of “samurai” there are a number of very promising players who can declare themselves quite loudly.

South Africa

The South African national team has somehow not achieved great heights in adult football for a long time, but at the youth level, the team shows itself quite well. “Bafana-Bafana” also played at the Olympics last season, however, then nothing particularly good came of it. It was not possible to leave the group, and now it will be difficult to do so. Still, there are no outstanding personalities in the South African national team.

Forecast and bet on the match Japan – South Africa. Exodus cf. 1.94

In their last face-to-face match, which took place, however, a very long time ago, the Japanese national team won with a score of 2-1. In general, the bookmakers do not believe in the South African national team at all and give the utmost preference to the Japanese national team. Perhaps this is true, after all, the team that plays on its own field will certainly try to crush the opponent in the first match, but something suggests that the guests will not give up just like that and will give heat, there is nothing to lose.

Thus, my prediction for this match is TB (3) with the odds of 1.94 on the 1xbet website

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