Forecast and bet on the match South Africa – Mexico

This is the third time that South Africa competes in the Olympic Games. True, before that the team had never managed to reach the playoffs. And even now, it is still not possible to do this. Although, it should be said right away that the team was not really lucky with the group, the opponents were very dangerous and skilled. In the last match, the team fought with dignity with France, but still lost in a stubborn battle with a score of 3-4.


But the Mexican team, it should be noted, quite often takes part in international competitions, including the Olympic Games. The last time from the group in Brazil did not work out, but now, we can say that the team looks much more interesting and should show itself from the best side, there are chances for this. After defeating the French national team, the team could not keep up the pace and lost all the same to the Japanese national team.

Forecast and bet on the match South Africa – Mexico. Exodus cf. 2.13

These teams have never played with each other, but here it is quite obvious that the Mexican national team will be considered the favorite. Whatever one may say, the team is much stronger and must prove it. The defeat in the last round was unpleasant, but it will be all the more important to get back on the winning path, and with all due respect to the South African national team, this is not the rival that can stop a team like the Mexican national team, so the fight will be big.

Thus, my prediction for this match is Handicap 2 (-1.5) with odds of 2.09. More info at 1xbet download

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