Forecast Canada vs. Mexico in the 2022 World Cup qualification match

Mexico and Canada will meet in the next match of the 4th round of the third qualifying cycle of the 2022 World Cup. Will the guests be able to extend the unbeaten streak? Odds for all sporting events can be found at how to use 1xbet bonus.


For the match of the fourth round, Mexico is coming up with the status of a leader, having seven points. In the last match, the Mexicans parted with Panama (1-1), scoring a return goal in the 76th minute. And in the first two games, Mexico did not make mistakes, first beating Jamaica 2-1, and then Costa Rica (1-0). Mexico is still far from ideal form, but even in its current state it regularly scores points, showing character in difficult moments.


So far, the third qualifying stage is going well for Canada, which after three rounds has not had a single defeat. However, there was only one victory, in the last round over El Salvador with a score of 3-0. Before that, the “maple leaves” painted peace with Honduras (1-1), as well as with the United States (1-1). Canada currently has five points that place it in third position.

Statistics and figures:

Mexico scored 7 points out of 9;
Canada has not lost yet: victory and two draws;
Mexico has beaten Canada in five previous matches.


Mexico has not yet found its best shape, but even that will not prevent it from beating Canada, which it is simply superior in class.

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