Forecast for the match Internacional – Olympia

In general, last season, I must say, Porto Allegri Internacional showed itself very well. The team took its rightful place, but now the team has very big difficulties. At the moment, Internacional occupies thirteenth place in the Serie A standings. Of course, this aspect should be seriously worked on. In the last round, the team achieved a 1-0 victory over Juventude at home.


Olimpia Asuncion looked clearly better last season than she looks now. Alas, the club from Paraguay does not quite meet all the standards that they set for themselves. At the moment, the club has too many problems in defense, and, whatever one may say, one should not forget about losses in the roster, so everything will be difficult. In the first round of the Paraguayan championship, the team lost at home to River Plate with a score of 1-3.

Forecast and bet on the match International Porto Alegre – Olimpia Asuncion. Exodus cf. 2.00

In the match, which took place in Paraguay, the teams did not manage to score each other. In general, we can say that it plays into the hands of the Brazilians. They will start the match with a clean slate and will try to immediately indicate their advantage. It will be very difficult for the team from Paraguay to do anything, there is no faith in their success. “Red and White” will go to work on statistics from the first minutes, and in the end, it seems to me, they will be able to finish off their opponent.

Thus, my prediction for this match is Handicap 1 (-1) with odds of 2 on 1xbet

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