Forecast for the match Schalke 04 – Hamburg

Schalke 04

Having departed from the Bundesliga last season, Schalke is quite thoroughly preparing for the upcoming season in the Bundesliga-2 in order to immediately return to the elite. To achieve this goal, at the end of last season, when they already understood that relegation was inevitable, they invited a new coach, a young but very ambitious Greek Dimitros Grammozis, and at the end of the championship, he began to build a new team, selecting performers for his concept of the game. The Pitmen’s ranks were joined by Peeringger from Freiburg, Wouters from Genk, Kaminski from Stuttgart, Ranflt from LASK, Palsson from Darmstadt, Bulger from Union Berlin, Theodde from … Hamburg, for which he scored 24 goals in 33 games last season ! But the truth is, I honestly do not know if he will play in the upcoming match, but the forward played in the last match of Schalke against Vites and has already scored 2 goals for his new team !!! On the whole, the Pitmen had 5 sparring sessions in the offseason, never lost in them, scored 3 wins and rolled 2 draws against quite strong Zenith and Miner, while scoring 25 goals! Well, yes, yes, 14 and 8 of them were in the gates of clubs from the backyards of German football, but they scored, they got excited …


Hamburg, having taken off from the Bundesliga 4 years ago, in each of the next 3 seasons in the 2nd Bundeliga is in the lead in the course of the championship, is in a duet of leaders or in 3rd place giving the right to play-offs, but as a result, from year to year it greases the ending championships and categorically refuses to return to the elite company of German football. Now he again, along with the upcoming rival, are the main favorites of the tournament. Before the championship, the “dinosaurs” changed their coach, Tim Walter took the helm of the team. The club’s management this offseason was marked by unprecedented miserliness, the club was practically not noticed on the transfer market. Well, yes, Muheim was rented from St. Gallen, Onoku was returned from the lease in Regensburg, and Reis was purchased in Osnabrück and Meffet in Kille and Schönlau in Paderborn, but this can hardly be called a serious enhancement.


More predictions and odds can be found on the official 1xbet website. A chic signboard in the 1st round of the 2nd Bundesliga awaits the fans, a sign that would adorn the highest Bundesliga tour, but we have what it has. At the start of the championship, when the burden of responsibility has not yet put pressure on the teams, they can quite afford to play open football. In addition, in the camp of each of the rivals, especially the owners, there are a lot of newcomers and 3 of them are forwards, a couple of half-backs with an attacking bias, who have yet to prove their worth and full right to a place at the base. I won’t undertake to predict how the opponents will share the points here, but the audience will most likely see goals in an amount of at least 3 pieces. In 4 out of 6 extreme dates, the TB 2.5 teams have punched, most likely they will do the same in the debut match of the championship. By the way, Hamburg in 2 of the 3 seasons spent in the 2nd Bundesliga started the championship with “


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