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The Americans are on a par with the Mexicans, the main favorites of this tournament. After all, these two teams always alternate between themselves winning this tournament. In 10 previous “gold cups” only Americans, or Mexicans, won. Actually, this tournament is unlikely to be an exception. The Americans passed the group stage very confidently and efficiently. Haiti beaten 1-0, Canada 1-0 beaten, Martinique 6-1. 8-1 total goal difference, and 9 points out of 9 possible scored, clearly there is a reason to give the Americans high marks for the group stage. In general, the national team is on a good track, in 15 previous matches of various levels and significance, the Americans lost only once, while scoring 13 victories, not hesitating to smash opponents in full, such as Salvador 6-0, or Trinidad and Tobago 7-0 in friendly matches.


Jamaica is middling by the standards of North Central American football. The team’s ceiling of opportunities is quite low, and the fact that they reached the quarter-finals of this tournament is already a good indicator of their day. In the group, they played exactly as many expected from them. We confidently dealt with Suriname 2-0, with Guadeloupe 2-1, and lost 0-1 to the first strong rival in the face of Costa Rica. The nominal guests of this match have nothing to catch against the Americans, the teams met not so long ago as part of a friendly match and then the Americans 4-1 easily dealt with Jamaica. In general, over the previous 5 years, the teams met each other 5 times, 4-1 victories in favor of the Americans. The significance of this fight is too high, and the Americans shouldn’t expect underestimation, so Jamaica’s chances of success in this match are close to zero.


Perhaps it is not worth arguing that the Americans will definitely win big here and destroy the opponent in full. As the group stage showed, the Americans are quite capable of winning confidently and with a score of 1-0. Therefore, playing around with minus handicaps is probably not worth it, and it is better to just dwell on the victory of the favorite. My bet: US victory. More predictions can be found on the 1xbet website

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