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Everything, as they say, is in the hands of the Greek national team in this match, which, in case of victory, will have chances for the final 2nd position in the standings of group B. try to test the leaders of the Swedes in a martial arts that is not easy for themselves … No other result, except for the maximum, suits the owners here, who for sure on such an occasion will abandon their personal crown defensive tactics in favor of an attack. However, Hellas in the previous duels of the ongoing casting did not give rise to doubts about her offensive competence, against the background of completed fights with: Georgia 1: 1, 2: 0, Kosovo 1: 1, Sweden 2: 1, etc.!


As for Spain, its defensive line has not been credible for a long time, especially with regard to the performance of the “red fury” at the summer EURO 2020. Where the Spanish rear often burst at the seams, which, for example, resulted in a wild goal shootout 5 : 3 with the Croats in 1.8 finals, etc. … Nothing too reliable is performed by the defense of Luis Enrique’s charges in the current selection for the Qatari world championship. Where she was offended a little earlier: Georgians 2: 1, Kosovars 3: 1 and Swedes 2: 1.


Odds for all sporting events can be found at 1xbet login. It’s not a secret for anyone that since 2004, when they sensationally won the EURO, the Greeks have been able to squeeze all the juices out of their rivals and achieve the desired results, including in single combats with giants. So, let’s say, it happened in the personal date of Spain + Greece in Granada in the ongoing selection, where the Pyrenees failed to realize their advantage in the class. Having succumbed to the philosophical counterattacking tricks of the Hellenes, as a result of which that match ended in a 1: 1 draw. In my opinion, in this clash, it will be even easier for the Greeks to break through someone else’s defense, since the younger generation of “furies” can simply get nervous in such an important match, where they are satisfied with a peaceful outcome. But the owners have nothing to lose – and this is very dangerous for the Spanish young, not always morally stable … I’m waiting here for ITB 1 (0.5) for a good coefficient!

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