Forecast Guinea vs Gambia in the African Cup of Nations match

Guinea – Gambia, stats, odds. Tonight at 19:00. In the 1/8 finals of the African Cup of Nations, the national team of Guinea will face Gambia, which has not played before. Who will be stronger on January 24 at the end of the confrontation and what can the players show offensively?

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The Guinean squad had a poor showing in the group stage of the Africa Cup, but they scored four points in the first two legs to edge into the last eight from second spot in the Group B standings. Kaba Diawara’s side managed to hold out against Senegal (0-0), but unexpectedly conceded twice from Zimbabwe in the final game and were unable to regain that handicap (1-2).


The Gambia looked very decent in the group and lost only on extra points to Mali, scoring seven points in three games. Tom Saintefit’s side outclassed stalwart Tunisia in the table and showed great consistency in their defensive efforts, conceding just one goal at this stage. “The Scorpions were as good as many of the favourites in the tournament and could well be in contention for medals.


The teams haven’t yet met each other in full-time encounters and this game will be their debut. Both sides looked good in the group stage, but the Gambians, though, looked a little more convincing. Their defence was noticeably more orderly, and the Scorpions’ attack will be more potent than that of the elephants of the nation.

Most likely, we should expect an unhurried start to the game – no one will risk exposing themselves early in such an important match. The Gambians are more organised, and it is assumed that this will help them, at the very least, not to lose at this stage. We think that the nominal visitors have the advantage over their opponent and can count on passing to the next round, but we suggest to back the bet.

Our prediction is Asian handicap (0) on Gambia. 1xbet mobile are offering odds of 2.69 for this outcome

We don’t expect high speed and active play in this clash, and don’t expect both teams to play defense-focused upfront. Both teams will try to play clean at the back and try to catch the opponents on a mistake or a counterattack. The opening game is likely to be played in a closed atmosphere and not score many goals, which we will certainly take advantage of.

Our second bet will be a total of less than two goals. This bet can be placed for 1.64

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