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The last two matches of Honduras, they are also the first two in the match for the World Cup in Qatar, were drawn, and both had little results, 1-1 with Canada and 0-0 El Salvador. In principle, we can say that Honduras has been improving in recent years, there are victories over Panama, Costa Rica, and even a draw with Mexico. At the same time, the team plays on defense, it does not often concede more than one goal, but it scores a little itself, which often leads matches with the participation of “Los Catrachos” to the outcome of TM 2.5, 12 of the last 18 matches were played through ” bottom”.


Deja Vu, USA played the last 2 matches against Canada and El Salvador. Both are drawn. With Canada 1-1 with El Salvador 0-0. A complete mirror of the indicators of the 2 extreme games of the upcoming opponent. But if for Honduras these are quite acceptable results, then for the “Yankees” these results, to put it mildly, are not satisfactory…


Full statistics for the match are on 1xbet bonus code… And this unsatisfactory indicator is holding back the Yankees’ victory in this match. Moreover, in the last PM, the Americans snatched Victoria a minute before the end of the match, and in the penultimate one they completely drew. The draw was modest in terms of 1-1 goals. So in this confrontation, most likely, more than 2 goals will not be scored either. Honduras will probably put up a “double-decker bus” as usual for itself and will absolutely not object to zero. And the Americans in the last 5 matches look somehow pale, 2 of them won 1-0 each, in 3 extreme games they skate draws, and these are “grassroots” draws. The opponents played half of the last 10 meetings with tm 2.5., Apparently, in this fight, the standard total will not be broken.

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