Forecast Kairat — Alashkert Europa League Qualifiers

Kairat is still very predictable in this qualification. In the first league championship round, we played 1-1 away from Maccabi, then we won 2-0 at home. Then they played 2-1 at home against Crvena Zvezda, but they couldn’t do anything at home 0-5. For the Kazakh teams, the home field factor is very important, on their own field they are able to give battle to the most difficult opponents, but at a party nothing happens at all. This is the actual upcoming game for Kairat and is of very great importance, because if it is not possible to create a reserve at home, then in Armenia it will be difficult to solve the problem of passing to the next round. But considering how Kairat plays at home, there is a high probability that they will be able to decide everything here with a howl. Indeed, in the current national championship, they have no home defeats, and after all, 10 matches are already behind, and 30 goals have been scored, which is an average of 3 per match. Well, as I said, Kairat also does not lose in European competitions in the current season at home. So it will be extremely difficult for the Armenians in the upcoming match.

Alashkert Martuni

Alashkert performs in no way in the current qualification … In the first league championship round we barely beat the Welsh championship after extra time, although they were big favorites in that confrontation. Well, in the second round, the champion of Moldova, represented by the Sheriff, was simply dismantled into cogs with a score of 4-1 on the sum of 2 games. In the upcoming guest duel, the main thing for the Armenians is not to fall apart in full, and I would not deny such a development of events that this duel could end with a score of 4-0, not in favor of the Armenians. Since the level of the team is frankly no, despite the fact that the composition is directly erupted by various nationalities such as Brazil, France, Portugal, this does not help the team to feel at least more or less comfortable in the European Cup arena. Actually, in this fight there is no particular faith in the Armenian champion.


Match statistics on app download. I didn’t come up with anything like that, and decided to opt for the victory of the favorite. Kairat is able to create a reserve for himself in this duel, and with a calm enough soul go to the Caucasus for a return meeting. My bet on this match: Kairat’s victory. I fully admit that the home team will win even with a margin of two or three goals.

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