Forecast Levante – Granada in the Spanish La Liga match

In Spain, they have been playing almost without a break this week. It is not surprising that the tour will be closed here only on Monday, and with the participation of four teams at once. This time, the organizers of Examples left 2 matches for Monday evening. In one of them, the teams that have failed the beginning of a new temporada – “Levante” and “Granada” will be hacked to death. Who will be stronger in this battle of the outsiders?


Levante leaves quite opposite assessments. On the one hand, the “frogs” have not yet won the championship – and already 11 rounds are already behind. In these meetings, 6 draws were scraped together, and it is not surprising that the club takes the penultimate place. Even the resignation of Paco Lopez did not help, moreover, in the Pyrenees there is a discussion about whether it was worth getting rid of the specialist, which made the outsider a thunderstorm of authorities (and with whom, even in this temporada, it turned out to issue 3-3 with Real Madrid), and even more so for the sake of Javier Pereira is no longer the youngest specialist with not so much experience and modest achievements. However, he can add something to his asset. And this is more likely not 0-0 with Getafe, the only weaker team in La Liga. But after that, “Levante” arranged funny, effective fights with the giants, “Sevilla” and “Atlético”. With “White Andalusia”, however, in the end we lost 3-5. But accepting the champion escaped defeat due to a goal in the 89th minute (2-2). He, like the first in the “frogs”, came from the penalty spot.


Granada shows by his example how the departure of a coach can come back to haunt, which creates an interesting team. In 2018, Diego Martinez Penas received the “Nasrid”, which at that time flew to Segunda. In the spring of 2021, they lost in the Europa League quarterfinals to the future participant of the decisive match, the stellar and wealthy Manchester United. But in the spring, the specialist decided not to renew the contract – perhaps he simply understood that this version of the team had exhausted itself? He was replaced at the coaching post by Robert Moreno, a longtime assistant to Luis Enrique, who so successfully replaced him with the national team, but ended up quarreling with “Lucho”. His independent “club” work, with “Monaco”, was not the most successful and generally controversial, although not a failure. The new place was not without difficulties: in the first 7 rounds, the team did without victories (although they scored draws with Villarreal, “Valencia” and “Barcelona”). All the more surprising was the fact that it turned out to start October with a victory over another strong team, “Sevilla”. But at the same time there were further 1-1 not only with the lively-looking “Osasuna”, but also, on Thursday, going in the last place, “Getafe”.


On the one hand, this game is a chance for both clubs to improve their position if they win and score 3 points. On the other hand, so far, not everything is working out for either the first or the second. But nevertheless, we dare to believe that it will not do without goals: we take “total over 2.0” (coefficient 1.6 from 1xbet app).

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