Forecast Manchester United — Middlesbrough in the FA Cup match

England are in no hurry to return to the Premier League season. There will only be 1 game this weekend, between Burnley and Watford. As it is, the weekend is all about the cup. First up, Manchester United take on Middlesbrough on Friday night. Can the visitors make their mark at Old Trafford? The website’s analysts have worked out a prediction for an interesting matchup on February 4, 2022. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet france application.

Manchester United will fight to the end to save the season

“The Red Devils started this football year with thoughts of trophies and plans to finally regain their No.1 status in England. But now they have had to “replay” everything, and now it is important, having jumped to 4th place in the APL already, to maintain it. It seems unlikely to get higher – Liverpool and Chelsea are very strong, not to mention City. And Rangnick and his charges are very unstable. True, they have won both their last two fixtures. Curiously, when needed to add to the mix, in the winter transfer window, MJ were more likely to let players go, even if it looked like dumping ballast. Even if we’re talking about stars of Marcial’s level.

Middlesbrough, too, are more likely to think more in terms of championship goals

The Rivers have generally had another average, ‘grey’ season, risking a finish well below even the final 10th place of the 2020/2021 draw. But after a disappointing start, it was decided to bet on Chris Wilder. The Sheffield United legend, both as a player and already as a coach, is showing that he can be useful at other clubs. Had to wait a couple of games for results with him too, until late November, but then Middlesbrough started to look like a real contender for the top places. Perhaps a 1-2 place spurt was no longer possible, it was a very long distance “at the start” of the new coach’s tenure. But, having won the lion’s share of games under the new manager, the Riverside side have moved closer to the top-6. At the same time, there was also a win in the cup, though only 3-2, against League Two side Mansfield, clearly a weaker opponent.

Previous matches

Middlesbrough last won back in 2005. Since then, 13 matches have been played, with most ending in victories for Manchester United. Including 2-1 and 3-1 in the 2016/2017 season, when the Riversmen last played in the AFL.

Match prediction

Manchester United are stronger, and playing at home. So it’s possible to take the must-win with a -1.5 goal handicap on MJ (odds – 2.08).

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