Forecast of Atalanta vs Bayer in the Europa League match

The Europa League has reached the 1/8 finals. Of course, the selection is not as stellar as in the Champions League. But still, the stage is high, and that means that the pairings are also quite strong. For example, Atalanta will take on Bayer in Bergamo. Can the Italians beat the Germans at home? The analytical department of the website has posted a detailed forecast for the interesting match on March 10, 2022. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet promo code nigeria.

Atalanta have an uphill battle against Juventus themselves at the moment

The Bergamaschi have become accustomed to keeping themselves consistently among the Serie A leaders. But now, after a series of setbacks, they have to fight for the 4th and final Champions League spot. Milan and Inter, as well as Napoli, have pulled away from the rest by quite a serious distance. That leaves only Juventus, which got off to a tough start but has gradually gained momentum, but is still not perfect. That’s who Malinovski and company are rubbing shoulders with. That said, having dropped out of the Champions League group stage to a less ranked tournament, the Italians are off to a good start in the Europa League play-offs. In 1/16, they were 2-1 at home and 3-0 away to Olympiacos in both games. Moreover, in Piraeus, Ruslan scored a double.

Bayer can afford to treat the Europa League as their priority for the spring

The Aspirinians have more or less fulfilled their task in the domestic arena by March. By inviting Giorardo Seoane last off-season, Leverkusen were clearly thinking of a long-awaited trip to the Champions League. For the moment, the Swiss, by and large, has been able to get a result, unless his charges give up too drastically. So far, things are looking up for Bayer to finish in 3rd place, trailing only Bayern, whom they played on Saturday, and Borussia Dortmund. Now, however, they can also aim for maximum results on the international stage. In the Europa League, the Germans qualified as confidently as possible in the group round, finishing 1st in their quartet. That allowed them to rest in February, missing out in the 1/16 round. But now they are facing one of their toughest opponents.

Previous Matches

Although Atalanta are beginning to be accustomed to being consistently successful on the international stage, even in the Champions League, they remain de facto newcomers to the European competition. The meeting with Bayer will be the first in the history of the relationship.

Match prediction

Atalanta plays spectacularly, and about the same can be said about Bayer. So expect “more than 2.5 goals scored” (odds are 1.61).

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