Forecast of Boca Juniors — Deportivo Cali in the Copa Libertadores match

The current Copa Libertadores will not close out the group stage until Friday morning, closer to European time. 1 of the Latin American giants, Boca Juniors, will play later than anyone else. The Argentinians take on Deportivo (Cali), and they only need a win in this pairing – can they get it? The website’s editorial team has a detailed forecast for the important match-up that kicks off on the night of May 27, 2022. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet official website.

Boca Juniors are now playing their second important encounter in a row

The Genoese have played well in the Diego Maradona Cup this season. Sebastian Battaglia’s side lost by one point to Estudiantes in the group stage. But then they got past Defensa and Justicia and, with difficulty, on penalties, Racings Avellaneda. In the end it was Sunday’s final encounter where the opponents were from the same group, Tigre. By defeating their rivals, the Grande added to their trophy collection. Now they can concentrate on the Copa Libertadores. There, on the whole, Boca Juniors are unimpressive. They’ve collected 7 points so far, with 6 of them coming from victories over the outsider, Aulweys Redi. At the same time, the Argentines have lost both Deportivo (Cali) and Corinthians, and in the last round they limited themselves to a draw against the Brazilians. As a result, both competitors are higher and if they don’t win now, they can say goodbye to the playoffs.

Deportivo (Cali) try to make up for failures in the domestic arena with success in the Copa

Los Verdiblancos were able to win their jubilee league title in Finals 2021, their 10th overall and first since 2015. Now, however, they are completely failing in the domestic arena, hanging around the bottom of the standings – only Magdalena are worse off. At the same time, the Grande have already lost in the 1/8 finals to lowly Fortaleza. But, at the same time, they managed to prove themselves in the Copa Libertadores. The Colombians got their start with a confident 2-0 win over Boca Juniors. After that, not everything went well, they lost to Corinthians, and even Olveis Redi could share the points with Deportivo. Now, with a defeat, the current leader could drop to 3rd place.

Previous Matches

The teams have crossed paths with each other twice before in the Copa Libertadores. In 2004, Boca managed to win twice. And in 2016, the Argentines collected 4 points, including beating Deportivo (Cali) 6-2 at home.

Match prediction

Boca Juniors gradually gained momentum and on the bite is able to achieve the desired result. We bet on the victory of the Argentines with a -1 handicap (odds 1.84).

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