Forecast of Cerro Porteno — Palmeiras in the Copa Libertadores match

The first month of summer will end with a rather busy, soccer-wise, day. And it all starts with South America, where the first matches in the play-offs of the main local tournament, the Copa Libertadores, will be played again. Cerro Porteño and Palmeiras, among others, will play at that time. Can the Paraguayans secure home-field advantage? Journalists will prepare a special forecast for this match on June 30, 2022. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet V.95.

Cerro Porteño is performing well this season

The Blue Granatas in last year’s Clausura managed to become champions of Paraguay once again. It was their 34th title in the national championship. Now, however, there is no chance of repeating the same feat, with Libertad proving slightly stronger in 2020. Although in recent rounds, Francisco Arce’s side have been performing well, beating all their opponents. Meanwhile, in the Copa Libertadores, they managed to beat fellow countrymen Olimpija from Asunción in the battle for 2nd place. The clubs were evenly matched, with eight points each, and only the additional points saved.

Palmeiras can be regarded as favourites this season

The Piggies, as a rule, have not finished a draw in recent years without winning a striking trophy. In 2016 and 2018, they managed to take the title. More recently, under Abel Ferreira, the focus of success has shifted to the international stage. The Portuguese brought victories in the Copa Libertadores for the Brazilians both the year before and the year before. Now, however, it seems that the Greens are struggling to produce results on all fronts. It was they who, despite slipping at the start, managed to secure the top spot in Serie A. And, most importantly, confidently qualified for the group round in the international tournament. There, Palmeiras managed to produce a 100 percent statistic, winning all 6 matches. But, of course, the main thing is to keep it up in the playoffs, where the price of every slip-up increases sharply.

Previous games

So far, the overall balance is in Serro Porteño’s favour, winning twice with the only loss in 6 matches. But while the Paraguayans have not lost in the group rounds, in 2005 and 2006, they lost in 2018, in the 1/8 final, due to the Brazilians scoring more.

Prediction for the match

Cerro Porteño is pretty good, but he has a very strong opponent. We bet on Palmeiras to win on the road (odds – 1.69).

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