Forecast of Fortaleza vs Ceara in the Brazilian Cup match

On Thursday, the day’s schedule will not be happy with a busy schedule. That said, the early hours of the day, European time, will be just full of encounters. That’s thanks to the Brazilian Cup, where the 1/8 finals kick off. Fortaleza take on Ceará at midnight. Will the hosts, with their ahhh situation in Serie A, be in the mood for a real fight? The journalists of this website have come up with a prediction for this match on 23rd June 2022. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet application.

Fortaleza have dramatically fallen off this season

The Tricolours of Steel surprised the fans very pleasantly in the last Brasileirao draw. The team, who played at the level of the country’s 3rd division in 2017, managed to score 58 points in 38 matches and finished in 4th final place. What’s more, with a 4-3 away win over direct rival Colo Colo in the last round, the Brazilians managed to take 2nd place in the Copa Libertadores group and made it through to the play-offs of the main continental tournament. But they have failed miserably at home. However, in the last round they managed to beat America Mineiro, thanks to the only goal scored by Yago Pikachu. And also, albeit by extra points, but to drop out of last place!

Ceara are gradually establishing themselves as Serie A’s mid-table side

The ‘grandaddy’ didn’t stay in the elite division of the country for long. After spending the 2010/2011 season there, the team left that level for good. But, having moved up to the Brasileirao again in 2018, the team gradually improved there. They started off in 15th-16th place and then managed to climb closer to the equator. Last year, for example, it finished in 11th position. You’ve managed to stay at about the same level now. After going 0-0 with Kuyaba, you’ve picked up 16 points in 13 games. But the Brazilians played in the Copa Sudamericana in parallel and won all 6 games, including the victory over Argentina’s Independiente.

Previous Matches

These clubs are neighbours and irreconcilable rivals. That said, Ceara have won three straight in Serie A, including the recent 1-0 win in early June. And in February, within the Nordeste Cup, they were 1-1 at Fortaleza Field.

Match Prediction

These encounters are unlikely to be interesting and entertaining football – especially as everything will be decided in the return leg. We dare to believe that the home side will come out on fire after their success in Serie A and win here as well (2.32 odds).

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