Forecast of Qingdao Huanhai — Shanghai Shenhua in the Chinese Super League match

The 19th round in the Chinese Super League group of relegation will begin, as always, with two fixtures. On December 25, , Qingdao Hainu and Shanghai Shenhua will face each other. The visitors, despite their defeat in the last round, still remain in first place among the teams fighting for survival, with a six-point gap to second place, while their future opponents are in a lamentable position. Will the hosts be able to clinch points in this encounter?  Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet v.83(2625).

Statistical preview for Qingdao Hainyu vs Shanghai Shenhua:

Qingdao Hainyu record 26.65 fouls in 90 minutes of play, while Shanghai Shenhua pair up with their opponents to pick up 30.18 fouls. You can bet on a fouls total of more than (25.5).

The yellow colour in the games of the guests takes place about four times per game, and in the games of the hosts of the field shows 3.41 “mustard”. You may want to take a closer look at a bet on LCO (3).

Prediction for Qingdao Hainu vs Shanghai Shenhua:

Matches involving top and bottom ranked clubs may not always go according to the scenario that was assumed before the starting whistle. Occasionally, the underdogs put up a fight and even emerge victorious from the fray, but of course, more often than not, skill and class prevail. In this matchup on Matchday 19, the teams that sit first and last not only in the relegation group, but also in terms of corner statistics for this draw will meet. “With 14 wins and one draw, Shanghai Shenhua are the leaders in terms of match-winning corner statistics. At the same time, an average of six serves are made in 90 minutes. “The Manatees can only respond with two wins and one draw, which is certainly low compared to their future opponents. The average corner total for the meeting is also lower at 3.06. Although corners are a very good tool to turn the outcome of the game by scoring from a standard, for some reason the home side does not put emphasis on this. Bet on W2 on corner kicks.

And now for the fun part. It’s no secret that the Blue Devils have already ensured themselves safe from relegation, while Qingdao Hainyu have yet to cross the sixth place line, but this round Wu Jin Gui’s charges will have a chance to improve the situation. There are a couple of “buts,” though. First, in the only meeting between these clubs, which, by the way, was held this month, the visitors won 3-0, and there was not much of a chance to put up much resistance from their opponents. Secondly, even though the home side should be able to help, the Qingdao side finish last among all the clubs in the league in home play, while their future opponents boast seventh place in the away statistics. And thirdly, the team from Shanghai are better at scoring and keeping their goals clean: 1.71 for goals scored and 1.12 for conceded goals against 0.59 and 2.53 respectively. With this in mind, we’d put our money on IT2O (1.5) and F2 (-1).

Our pick: IT2O (1.5).

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