Forecast of Shandong Luneng — Henan Jianye in the Chinese Super League match

Shandong Luneng and Henan Jianye will start the seventh round of the Super League with a clash for third place. The match will begin on June 28. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet download.

A statistical preview for Shandong Luneng vs Henan Jianye:

Shandong Luneng’s average first-half total is 1.33. Henan Jianye’s total is 1.5. You can bet on Total More(0.5) in the first 45 minutes of the meeting.

Henan Jianye’s players are caught offside 2.33 times per match, on average. It is possible to place a bet on Individual Total 2 More (1.5) by offsides.

Shandong Luneng vs Henan Jianye:

Club Shandong Luneng completely failed in the Asian Champions League, but in the Super League, the hosts have started to play much more actively, serving an average of 5.67 corners per match. At the same time, the team has won all its league games in corner kicks this year, which says a lot. Henan Jianye’s figure is much lower – 3.33 served corners per match, the guests do not put any emphasis on this, so you can bet on Victory 1 on corners at odds

This season, Henan Jianye have completely changed their style of play and now the club mostly plays very openly, conducting a lot of their own attacks. In fact, the team now scores three goals on average in their games. The odds ratio for Shandong Luneng is 2.67 and the home team is also looking to play some physical football. We suggest betting on Total More(2.5) at odds of 2.06.

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