Forecast of the Bahia – Palmeiras match in the Brazilian Serie A


The local “Bahia” seems to be sinking with all its might to the bottom of the overall standings, but continues to flounder. For example, last week Dobove’s wards defeated Atletico Paranaense away, coming close to the saving 16th line. It is occupied by “Santos” himself, who also plays God knows what. “Bahia” walks in circles, but can not boast of a stable set of points. As well as victories over “Palmeiras” at home. On the other hand, in the last 3 cases, local players managed not to lose to the eminent club.


Palmeiras, what, Palmeiras? The guests are now deeply entrenched in the very abyss of the crisis. I justified them in every possible way as I could, but now it is already useless. There have been no victories in the championship for almost a month. It remains to be hoped that someone, together with me, made money on this. The Palmeiras are clearly tired, but soon they’ll be back crushing their faces on the green lawn. If we talk about trips to El Salvador, then “Palmeiras” formed an indistinct series of 4 matches without victories. What help you to take the long-awaited victory of the guests?

Forecast and bet on the match Baja – Palmeiras. Exodus cf. 2.28

How to use 1xbet bonus doubt the success of the visiting team. I’m telling you that Palmeiras will be on the mend very soon. There are no more distractions, the attack group is now injured. After all, how long can you misfire in El Salvador?

In the end, for such a quote, it is simply necessary to tune in to the victory of the implicit favorite. All key aspects except for the history of the confrontation on the side of “Palmeiras”. Enough to suffer because of failure on the continental level. Just look and the inner primacy will gallop away. We take the victory of the visiting team.

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