Forecast of the Emelek vs Atletico Mineiro match at the Copa Libertadores

In South America, the battle for the play-offs of the continent’s premier club tournament finally gets underway. The first leg of the 1/8 finals will be played, with Emelec and Atletico Mineiro taking to the field early. What will the Brazilian champions show in Guayaquil? The website’s expert department has worked out a prediction for the curious match-up on June 29, 2022. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet nigeria.

Emelec are more successful on the international stage than at home

The Electrics are 14-time national champions. But the last time the title was taken was in 2017. However, the previous season was very decent, they managed to reach the final of the local Serie A – although they lost there. Right now, the Ecuadorians’ results are quite mediocre. They win less than half of their matches and are seriously behind the entire top three. That said, Emelec managed to make it through to the play-offs of the Copa Libertadores. It was a very difficult struggle to overtake Deportivo Táchira in the dispute for 2nd place – the difference was only 1 point, 8 against 7.

Atletico Mineiro look reasonably competitive

The Roosters are still probably celebrating winning 1st place. All the more reason to win their first league title in exactly 50 years. Now, there seems to be an attempt by Hulk and company to retain the title. They are still trying to hold their own among the local Serie A leaders. Still, Corinthians and especially Palmeiras have more points and the distance in results can only grow. That said, the Brazilians have comfortably qualified for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. There were three serious contenders for the two places at once. As a result, Independiente del Valle were the ‘third-placed’ in this competition, scoring 3 points less than their rivals – 11 against 8. And in the end, Atletico Mineiro even managed to take 1st place in that quartet. Deportes Tolima managed to beat Deportes Tolima on extra points. Formally, it allowed them to get a certain advantage in the draw. But will Hulk and company be able to take advantage of it?

Previous fixtures

Emelec are 1 of the strongest clubs in the country and regularly play in international tournaments. That said, they had no experience of playing against Atletico Mineiro prior to this encounter.

Prediction for the match

Emelec are frankly unimpressive, while Atletico Mineiro have picked up some good form. Let’s risk to believe that the Brazilians can win even in an away game (odds – 1.87).

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