Forecast of the Estudiantes de La Plata — Fortaleza match at the Copa Libertadores

There will be many curious international meetings between clubs this week. In Europe, it’s the start of Champions League qualification. On the other side of the world, South America are already playing the return leg of the Copa Libertadores. Estudiantes and Fortaleza will be the last teams to play on Friday night. Will the Argentines be able to deal with the Brazilians? The website’s journalists have compiled a detailed prediction for the deciding match on July 8, 2022. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet app.

Estudiantes will try to prove themselves first and foremost in the Copa Libertadores

The Pied Pipers cannot boast of winning trophies in recent years. But they have shown themselves to be at a fairly good level. They managed to finish in 6th place in the Primera-2021. And in the spring, as part of the Diego Maradona Trophy, they managed to win their group, scoring 28 points in 14 games. Only after that followed a shocking exit in the quarterfinals – at home, on power play, they managed to let Argentinos Juniors win the game, and lost on penalties. The new championship also started inconsistently, with victories followed by defeats. Against this background, the Copa Libertadores was an outlet: they got out of the group and made a good start to the play-offs.

Fortaleza are unlikely to be ready to play hard at the Copa

The Three Colours of Steel have given up very sharply on the domestic scene this season. Of course, it should be noted that before that there was a significant jump “up”, as much as 4th place – unaccustomed much for this squad. But now, there has been a drop to the relegation zone, to the bottom of the Brasileirao table. But, at the same time, the Brazilians have been able to prove themselves at a seemingly more difficult level, in the Copa Libertadores. There, in the group stage, they managed to get 10 points – enough to ensure a clear lead over Chile’s Colo Colo in the battle for 2nd place. And in the play-offs, at least, they didn’t get off to a poor start. Still, there are doubts as to whether they should spend a lot of energy, and a lot of it, on getting farther in the Copa Libertadores, or whether it would be better to give it up for survival in Serie A?

Previous Matches

1 encounter to be exact – at the juncture of June and July, the sides played their first ever head-to-head encounter. Fortaleza opened the scoring through Romero’s efforts, but quickly allowed Estudiantes to equalise. That’s how they ended up at 1-1.

Match prediction

Fortaleza should not be thinking about the Kopa right now, but about survival. Estudiantes should be able to cope with such an opponent at home (odds – 1.94).

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