Forecast of the game Drita vs Inter Turku in the Conference League


In the first leg of the Conference League First Round, Drita lost narrowly to Inter Turku 1-0. Overall, the game was even, with both teams showing nothing outstanding.

For Drita, the upcoming match will only be their second official one this season, so don’t expect anything special from the Kosovars.

Inter Turku

Inter won the first match with a score of 1-0. The team had their chances, but they managed to convert only one of them.

In the upcoming game, Inter are not listed as favourites. But I think the team has a good chance of making it through. First of all, they have a 1 goal advantage. Secondly, the Finns are in the best playing conditions.

Statistics of personal meetings

Last season Drita also played in the Conference League. The team managed to reach the Second Qualifying Round, where they lost on aggregate to Feyenoord (the future finalist).

Inter also played in the Conference League last season, but dropped out after the First Round, losing to Puškaš Academy.

Prediction and odds for the match Drita vs Inter Turku. Outcome cf. 2,28

The first game between these rivals showed that they are about the same level. I think the return encounter will also be quite close. But I believe more in the visitors’ success. As I already noted, it’s not only about the advantage of 1 goal, but also the fact that the Finns are in the best playing form right now. In contrast to the championship in Kosovo, the Finnish championship is in full swing.

My prediction. I’ll wager on Win 2 with 0 handicap.

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