Forecast of the Honduras vs Canada match at the 2022 World Cup

Honduras and Canada will clash in another round 9 match in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Can the latter team put up a good fight against the former? Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at how to register with 1xbet.


Honduras failed in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, picking up only three points in the first eight rounds. Despite having six more fixtures ahead of them, it is unlikely that Honduras continue to think about the top four, as they are eleven points behind. Perhaps faith in a comeback would remain, but Honduras’ level of play leaves little hope. Honduras lost 1-2 to Costa Rica last round, suffering their fifth defeat in the current qualifying phase.


Canada, on the other hand, is doing well and is unlikely to drop below fourth place. That means, at the very least, the Maple Leafs will be in the mix for the knockout rounds. For now, they top the standings with sixteen points out of a possible twenty-four. After the first five rounds, Canada had only one win and in addition four draws, but then gave up the worlds in favour of wins from the previous three rounds.

Statistics and figures:

Honduras are winless so far: 3 draws and 5 losses;
Canada are yet to lose: 4 wins and 4 draws;
In the first round, Honduras and Canada were undefeated, 1-1.


Honduras and Canada went their separate ways in the first round, and before this clash, the Maple Leafs must make the right conclusions and win to stay in first place.

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