Forecast of the Internacional — Coritiba match in Brazil’s Serie A


It was a real nightmare for the big-name Inter in the last round of the current Brazilian Serie A as they lost to newcomer Botafogo 2-3 with a hockey-style score after a key player was sent off in the opening minutes. Yes, with a defensive performance like that, it’s unlikely that title-winning Inter will be able to regain the league title in the on-going competition. Which even just earlier had been spotted in defensive failures, battling against: Goias 2-1, Flamengo 3-1 and Santos 1-1. By the way, the People’s Team goalkeeper has not left the field dry for 4 games in a row!


As for Coritiba, their return to the top flight has been more or less solid so far. Not infrequently, they have shown mature, dynamic and attacking football. The recent clashes with: major Bragantino 2-4 (away), stately São Paulo 1-1, Ceará 1-1 (away), Botafogo 1-0 and América Mineiro 1-0.


I’ll try to assume a goal in this matchup from a very good Coritiba attack for good odds. I think the home team will want to make up for the defeat in the previous home game with some forward play. The sharp Coritiba, who love to trap their opponents in an over-enthusiastic attacking style of play, will be obliged to do just that! Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet mobile.

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