Forecast of the Lazio vs Venice match in the Italian Serie A

On Matchday 29 of Serie A Lazio will take on Venice in the final matchday of the season. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet V.93.

The Romans need to go to the European Cup

Lazio were surely aiming for four before the start of the season, this goal is almost unattainable, to fourth Juventus 10 points, with one game to spare. In the last round, the Romans beat Cagliari 3-0 away. Realistically, they should be fighting for fifth place, only two points away, so a win would put the club in the desirable position. There are no back-up options any more, the club are relegated from all tournaments. Four players will not be able to take the field in this meeting.

Venice need to save themselves

Venice’s task for the season looks as clear as possible – to keep their place in Serie A. So far, things are not going well, as the club occupies 18th position in the standings, which is a relegation zone. Three points to the desired 17th position, with two more games to spare. In other words, there is a chance of salvation, the main thing is to be proactive in scoring points. In the last round there was a home failure against Sassuolo – 1:4, half an hour after the start of the game everything was solved, because the opponent scored three times. The team has not won three games in a row, a sign of poor form. The club has five personnel losses before this clash.

Face-to-face meetings

In the first leg, the Romans managed a 3-1 away win, although they did not hold a significant advantage.

Match prediction

Even without the bookmakers’ quotes, it is clear that the hosts are the big favourites in this pairing. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the fact that both opponents will take the field with great motivation. The game should go with the advantage of the Roman team, a bet on the victory of Lazio with a handicap -1 goal looks justified, you can also consider the head-to-head total.

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