Forecast of the match Cadiz vs Barcelona in La Liga of Spain


In anticipation of Kuman’s resignation, we continue to catch up with goals against Barcelona. Cadiz is a second year Examples, who is very adept at pushing off from tops who love possession of the ball. Moreover, the yellow-blue suit a much fresher grandee for this fight, and the support of the stands will help them. Now the wards of Cervera Diaz are on a positive wave, because in the 5th round they managed to win for the first time of the season in Vigo 2-1, despite the fact that Cadiz also did not score a penalty. Victoria allowed to get to 133rd place, but the whole struggle for survival is still ahead.


Barcelona is not pitch after 0-3 from Bayern to rehabilitate in front of their fans and at home lost points with Granada, conceding already in the second minute of the match, and having recouped only on the 90th. The press is actively circulating rumors about the dismissal of the Dutchman, who, against the background of the departure of the leaders and the injury of a large number of players, now has a difficult legacy and burden. Even against the background of Cadiz blue-garnet, it is difficult to call the favorite of the fight pure.


Full match statistics and odds can be found on 1xbet review. We play a goal from Cadiz – last season, as soon as he returned to Example, he did not lose to an opponent in two head-to-head matches with Barcelona, ​​and also constantly scored to him, making excellent use of counterplay. Now the guests’ team has become even weaker, while Cadiz, against the background of the victory in Vigo, is definitely experiencing an upswing, and the defense against Dest, Araujo and the old Pique does not cause a feeling of reliability. The hosts’ goal, with the full support of the stands and rumors about Kuman’s departure, seems to me ironclad.

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