Forecast of the match Panama vs Mexico at the World Cup


The Panamanian national team looks very good at the start of the selection for CONCACAF at the World Cup. The quality of play of the Spaniard Thomas Christeansen’s team is encouraging – they were better than both Costa Rica (0-0) and Jamaica (3-0) in terms of the quality of the game, while 4 points in the starting 2 matches are just a consequence of excellent preparation for the start of the selection. The team operates according to a 4-5-1 formation, which easily transforms into 4-3-3 both in counterattacks and in a positional attack with active flanks. Certainly, in their current state in Panama City, they are capable of taking points away from the Mexicans.


The experience and class of players so far allows the “Aztecs” to gain maximum after 2 matches, while the quality of the game with Jamaica (2-1) and with Costa Rica away (1-0) left much to be desired, and in every match victories went to thin. The game in Panama is the first real test of the Martino squad, because the Mexicans in enemy territory will have to face an actively playing opponent, and I’m not sure if Mexico is now able to beat such an opponent.


The best match odds are on 1xbet app review. In terms of the quality of the game, Panama showed that it is now ready to go to Qatar – the second place so far gives it such a right, but one cannot rejoice in what has now been obtained. Mexico already has a maximum of points, and it will definitely not get into trouble on the road – the game from the red-white-blue is completely based on what the teams saw in the first 2 rounds – Mexico does not look stronger than the hosts, and the CF at 1x is greatly exaggerated by the bookmaker. Panama will be dangerous for guests both in positional attack and in counterattacks.

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