Forecast of the match West Ham United — Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Europa League

West Ham United

West Ham United are well on their way to being a major contender for the LE title. Well, you could say that it is quite justified to call the Hammers the favourites not just in this pairing, but also in the UEFA European Cup. In any case, they qualified from the group in first place. In the 1/8 they demolished Sevilla (2:1), while they are playing with great success in the LE. In 1/4 though the Hammers have left a chance for Lyon, but away they simply demolished them. In the APL, the season is on the cusp of qualifying for the Eurocups and therefore they are keen to seize the chance of qualifying for the Champions League here.

Eintracht Frankfurt

In the Europa League play-offs, Eintracht Frankfurt turned out to be the dark side that nobody initially took into account. A quite passable group from 1st place, with Antwerp and Fenerbahce and Olympiacos not much in the way. But Betis had already been eliminated (3-2) due to the fact that the Eagles, clearly after a home draw, decided to prove their status. And Barcelona, following Betis, stepped on the same rake and got knocked out by an ambitious and unbelievable team from Frankfurt. So now we see a team that’s been through a lot and with a fighting spirit, and reaching the semi-finals is already a big achievement for them.


Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be viewed at 1xbet website. Without downplaying the success of their opponents reaching the semi-finals, we can simply put our guess on the options of both to score or 1X+ total more than 1.5. But here it is clear that West Ham will play attacking football at Stratford and given the seriousness of the danger that comes from the Frankfurt side, will try to make the maximum possible margin on their field. On this basis, I believe that the Hammers need to score clearly two goals, and perhaps even try not to concede.

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