Forecast of the Roma vs Lecce match in the Italian Cup

In Italy, things are often strikingly disorganised. It is also evident in the way the 1/8th round of the domestic cup is being played here. Everything will take place over the course of last week and this week, with Roma and Lecce playing the last, only on Thursday. It’s clear that the Giallorossi from the capital are nominally stronger, but will they prove it at the Stadio Olimpico? For the website, the analysts have prepared their predictions for the match on January 20, 2022. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet application.

Roma are not at all where they were expected to be

Wolves announced Jose Mourinho’s return to Italy back in the spring. The ‘Special One’, still a fairly young coach, took the treble here with Inter a decade ago, and has spoken warmly of Serie A and the atmosphere at the Boot on more than one occasion. Now he was coming to prove he wasn’t a ‘downed flier’, to a team that hadn’t been able to finish in the top 4 for a long time, but clearly thought themselves worthy of it. But the Portuguese cannot be credited with his first six months in Rome. His team’s performance has been erratic, with plenty of resounding defeats. 2022 began with defeats to Milan 1-3 and Juventus 3-4, with Seu Jose making comments not only towards the referees but also towards his own subordinates. Clearly, there’s no “cheering for the coach” here. But Cagliari were beaten and Mourinho said the players were reacting to his words in the right way.

Lecce see their priority clearly not the cup

Wolves spent the 2019/2020 season in Serie A. Immediately they returned to the 2nd division, but obviously have not come to terms with that. Last season’s championship was all about trying to get back into the elite, but it turned out to be a failure: only 4th place and further relegation to the play-offs. The goal was now clearly for the new mentor, Marco Baroni, to climb directly into the Calcio, and for that to happen they needed to finish no lower than 2nd position. Having stumbled at the start, the team then went 15 games in a row in Serie B, and overall looked a serious contender for one of the ‘tickets’, if not for the lead. But the encounter with their direct rival, Pisa, was lost in December and now it is more important to manage to escape from the peloton of half a dozen more or less equal challengers. Even after Pordenone’s victory, the Wolves are last, but they have a match in hand. This, however, has not prevented them already knocking out both Parma and La Spezia in the cup.

Previous matches

In the 2019/2020 season, when Lecce were in Serie A, they failed to score or take a single point in games against Roma: 0-1 at home, 0-4 with the capital.

Match prediction

Roma should settle things quickly. We bet on its 1st half and match win (odds – 1.8).

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